Case Studies - a selection of campaigns.



ibis hotel chain product campaign



My role

In my role as Head of Marketing & Customer Experience, Central Europe at the AccorHotels Group with its HQs in Paris I’m responsible for more than ten hotel brands covering three segments economy, midscale and luxury for the region Central Europe, inter alia, the ibis hotel brand.


ibis is one of the largest hotel chain brands in the two-stars economy segment. Due to the growing competition ibis needs to rejuvenate the brand image to appeal to the younger generation.

Strategic brand consideration: customer | brand | market competition



Rejuvenate and revalue the 'dusty' image of the brand by launching new products & services as brand proofs:

  • Sweet RoomTM  a new class of sleeping comfort
  • new lobby design (facilitate to socialize, work and relax by innovative interior elements
  • breakfast offer that corresponds to the millennial generation's demands as engagement and customization) at the relevant target group.



Provide a new brand experience corresponding to the needs of the gen y/x by connecting, sharing and participating through social networks.


Customer insights

1) Enormous social and economic shift from individuals to community

  • asked in a survey to rank values, respondents granted more importance to friendship, family and social connections (top 10) than to status, egoism, and power.¹


2) People want to connect and share

  • 90% of consumers say they would rather buy products from brands with which they can have a conversation.²
  • 40% of the millennial generation wish to participate, co-create products and experiences with desirable brands.³


3) Consumers are mainly triggered by individual reasons

  • good recommendations and self-advertisement are the new currency of our modern “we-society”.
  • community members are more than twice as credible as CEO in 2015 in Germany.²



Social media campaign with the two singers of the music group "5 Stars Deluxe" acting as testimonials and try out the new hotel products in depth.

The two brand ambassadors reside in the new Ibis Hotel at the Berlin Central Station featuring the approach "2 stars are more than deluxe"



2 stars are deluxe - if you sleep in the ibis.



  • Films: TV, Pre-rolls, digital (display), mobile (interstitials)
  • Prints: (Press, OOH)
  • Promo: (Print, Digital display)
  • On-site: PR-event, live-concert, hotel opening


Results after 12 weeks

  • Awareness: Increase brand & product awareness
  • Consideration: Change / Enhance brand perception
  • Action: Generate leads & first trial via => promotional offer
  • Internal: enhance guest experience via staff training/involvement 


Total reach FB: over 1,2 mio users organic & paid

  • New fans FB: over 31.000 (+88%)
  • Average engagement rate: 4,3%
  • Pre-rolls: 10,4 mio 
  • Face time calls: 2,5 mio
  • Over 206.000 forwards on via online videos
  • Click-through rate pre-rolls: 1,63 %
  • Click-through rate face time calls: 2,83% 


Read the PR article in the trade magazine W&V: link







My role

In my role as Head of Brand Management at Sky Deutschland AG (previously Premiere Deutschland AG), I was responsible for the brand & communication strategy plus activation based on business intelligence (market analysis, customer insight, brand & advertising tracker, etc.).


Based on a risk assessment – PREMIERE versus NEW BRAND – I was in charge to develop and implement a new brand strategy launched under the brand name SKY.



Within 6 months SKY achieved 60 % brand awareness, but the general perception of the Pay-TV category was negative.  



  • Change attitude towards Pay-TV and remove purchase barriers. 
  • Create the need for better entertainment by reframing the argument for why pay.
  • Enhanced customer experience and benefits.


Customer insights

  • TimeDon‘t watch enough TV to be willing to pay for
  • InterestNot for me, pay TV is Football/Sports TV, television is mundane
  • Cost/Value: Low entertainment quality doesn't justify a subscription
  • No one wants to watch more TV, but better TV.
  • The quality of the program is the key topic of the campaign.
  • Instead of watching any channels – make the most of your time.

Brand Ambassador: Moritz Bleibtreu, a German actor, who is the perfect character to communicate the story on an emotional and likable way to change the perception towards pay TV.



TV commercials - knowledge transfer of the program portfolio




Sky is positioned as a family offer and not any longer only as football channel. Based on research 42% of potential buyers don't know the offer of SKY. 



Increase the knowledge with the objective to engage first trial and targeting a broader audience.


Results in only 166 days…

  • Acquired approx. 350k subscribers
  • Doubled average revenues per sub to over €30
  • Double our conversion rate to 59%
  • Have a brand that 71% of people know



In parallel to the new TVCs the trailer strategy has also changed accordingly to a more emotional appearance with a twinkle in the eye.





SWAROVSKI – DIY communication material



Click to see the whole project 'Development of a new retail store': link


My role:

As International Retail Communication Manager at SWAROVSKI, Austria I was responsible for the development of a new retail store concept expanding the business into a new segment by selling lose components to end consumers based on a solid business plan. Target markets: USA, Europe, and Asia.


Beside the B2C retail concept store, I was in charge of the development of communication material for the B2B business (wholesaler, designer)



Write the photo shoot brief, select the right photographer, copyrights & budget negotiation, project plan, and accompany the shoot 





Novotel hotel chain product campaign



My role

Please see description above (ibis campaign)



Midscale suffers from competition from the segments above and below: the smart economy-segment with innovative design concepts and the emotional high-status Upscale-Segment.


Leverage the brand's DNA with emotions. Move from rational to emotional choice. 


Task | Insights

Encounter the main challenges: 

1) Total brand awareness: Decreasing -3pts (46% 2015) over the last five years due to lack of brand salience, frequency of contact and clarity of brand perception (TNS sofres, 2015)

=> increase awareness


2) Brand perception: Novotel is not seen any longer as “stylish, love brand, trendy, innovative”. Weak brand perception of all brand attributes. One of the lowest level of preference among users and non-users (BDRC survey, 2015).

=> emotionalize and strengthen brand attributes


3) Incoherent & aging network: German Novotel network with a mix of several room types: Harmony, Novation, Next. Decreasing Novotel network, no new acquisitions, but exits and few openings in the last years

=> create demand among the flagship hotels


Idea | Message

The key message 'Novotel. Makes my day.' lives up to the new emotional positioning 'The modern easy living full-service hotel brand'.


New products & services prove the enhanced guest experience.

  • Live‘N‘Dream bedding
  • New Lobby Design (Welcome, Virtual Concierge, Interactive Table)
  • New F&B concepts (NOVO2, GourmetBar, GrEAT MEETings)
  • Novotel Life Genius (Service attitudes)
  • New quality concepts (YOU, Voice of Guest)



Agency briefing: a new image campaign, aiming to modernize the brand perception, launch of an online content platform, TVC and OOH for Q1 2017

Revamps the brand websites ( and focus on storytelling according to the new image campaign.


Results TVC 

Aided brand awareness: +1pt

Ad Recognition

Message Recall

Brand trial  => +11,8% (YTY) bookings via

Recommendation => +3 pts positive NPS






Bluna brand re-launch TV campaign



My role

As Senior Art Director at Kastner & Partners International Advertising Agency Network, Frankfurt I was responsible for the development of advertising campaigns and sponsoring concepts in alliances with a copywriter (multi-channel approach) based on client’s briefing


Regarding this production, I was responsible for 

  • New business pitch: gather and analyze business insights, investigate the brand, target group, competitors, market conditions to get a deep understanding of the potential client and it's needs. Opportunity mapping and outline an overall communication strategy. Advice potential client on advertising effectiveness => result: won the new client 
  • Creative work: insights became ideas; development of a creative advertising concept (multi-channel) for the re-launch of the brand Bluna with its three new product variations
  • Production: conduct the PPM, casting of actors, legal check
  • Art buying: determine and commission artists, photographers, producers, working within the budget and legal constraints



After the brand Bluna (an orange lemonade) was taken off the market for more than 5 years the company Minaeralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach AG acquired the brand.

Bluna, is a lemonade that has always been a bit different than others. Bold. Crazy. Bizarre. It joins in any nonsense, it dances out of line and gets out of hand. Link



The niche product is to be put on a broader basis in order to gain market share and become profitable. Increase Brand awareness in a short period of time, create demand and a pull effect to obtain a good placement in the trade.



Relaunch of the cult brand Bluna and establishment of the refreshed positioning with two new flavors (Bluna Mandarine, Bluna Limette) by a corresponding campaign to approaches a larger target group without diluting original character. 

Development of TVCs that lives up to the refreshed brand positioning and reach a broad audience.   



Sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen Bluna? (Aren't we all a bit Bluna?)



As a result, the nationwide presence of the Bluna brands in retail and gastronomy is being successively achieved, new sales markets and market shares gained, and brand awareness increased overall.






O2 DSL product launch advertising campaign



My role

As Senior International Brand Manager at Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co, Munich I was responsible for the development of an overarching brand, communication and product strategy for the five markets (UK, IE, CZ, SL, DE) based on research data, in consideration of cultural differences, local market conditions and product assortments.

Development of a unique brand identity and appealing brand presence for: advertisement/marketing communication, fairs, events: CeBIT, O2 World, retail (flagship store, franchise), PoS 


Regarding this production I was responsible for 

  • deliver creative ideas to enhance customer & brand experience based on the communication briefs as well as be the sparring partner to the briefs 
  • ensure that all communication material lives up to the brand strategy (brand promise, tone of voice, benefits, value proposition) and advice on brand execution
  • support communication & product managers in designing integrated multi-channel campaigns including all relevant touchpoints
  • advice on photo shoot and TV production
  • secure timely delivery of the communication toolbox of all channels (TV, OOH, print, online, PoS, CRM)
  • build a strong team that is able to deliver on the set targets



O2 (the commercial brand of Telefonica for the European market) extended it product portfolio by launching a DSL offer. The Munich-based company is thus the second mobile network operator after Vodafone, which also offers fast, wired broadband internet connections and acts as a complete provider of telecommunications services to its customers.


Based on research, people quicklfeel overwhelmed by too much technology and are unwilling to try new technical products like DSL.

So, one of the key product features is the "easy plug-in self-installation".



Reduce barriers to try the new product by promoting the self-installing feature. Within two years to reach a DSL market share of O2 Germany from 15 to 20 per cent.



Development of a TV campaign accompanied by a promotional tour through ten German cities. From late October to late November, pedestrians can win prizes in pedestrian zones. The goal is to climb as fast as possible a climbing wall installed by O2 and plug a plug into the correct socket of a telephone box on top. After two days, the winners will be determined.



Brand awareness, message recall (product knowledge), consideration, first-trial




The brand lead for the European countries (UK, IE, DE, CZ, SK) was located in Germany. In close collaboration with each region joint branding guidelines and initiatives were developed to encounter the following challenge:
In general the customer experience with a mobile provider is quite low. After signing a contract, customer
receives more or less only monthly bills - which are perceived rather negative.


O2 launched new corporate strategy to challenge status quo and grow market shareThe new approach enabled O2 to grow market share by taking a far more consultative approach to sales and give a better customer experience that is driven by customer insights



Bring to life the purpose of O2 to make every day better through personal experiences that count. Enhancing the overall brand perception by offering customers a meaningful added value and experience.



Strategic partnerships with high-level partner content like Starbucks and England Rugby.

Every season O2 creates unique experiences that put their customers and fans at the heart of the England Rugby Team.

O2 brings their customers closer to the action and gives them the best match day experience they can by offering priority bar lanes, discounts on England Rugby kit, best-in-class hospitality, behind the scenes with the players, etc.


Results O2 | Starbucks

39.200 customers redeem the offer
93% recall of the message

1/3 said increased purchase intent

77% positive rating for O2 More

decreasing retention rate amongst customers using the offer




According strategic partnerships described above.


Acquisition of partners, which provides O2 the possibility to bundle products and services in new forms to create a new value proposition to the end client.



As O2 has a strong heritage in music and entertainment the tactical partnerships focuses on brands & artist from the field of film, sports events and music, which live up to the O2 brand values and strengthen the brand image. 



O2 took the ownership of the content without losing the value it brings to the communication.





Capri Sonne Campaign



My role

as Art Director at TBWA Worldwide Agency Network, Frankfurt, for clients from various industries as food, consumer electronics, media, transportation, e.g. Capri Sun, Henkell Trocken, Ritter Sport, P&G, Sony Playstation, SWR radio I was responsible to generate creative ideas and communication concepts to fulfil the client's brief by working in close collaboration with a copywriter  


Regarding this production I was responsible for 

  • New business pitch: gather and analyse business insights, investigate the brand, target group, competitors, market conditions to get a deep understanding of the potential client and its needs. Opportunity mapping and outline an overall communication strategy. Advice potential client on avertising effectiveness => result: won the new client 
  • Creative work: insights became ideas; development of a creative advertising concept (multi-channel) for the product launch of three new flavours, ensure that the clients’ desired message and image is conveyed to consumers, produce storyboards to communicate ideas to the client
  • Production: responsible for the overall visual aspects, determin production firm, photographers, producers, conduct the PPM, casting of actors
  • Budgeting: work within the budget and legal constraints



Capri Sun is a brand of juice concentrate drink owned by the German Company WILD and sold in laminated foil pouches. Based on market research there was a demand for more variety in the soft drink market - and not only from kids. In line with the research findings/insights, Wild developed in 1997 new flavours to stay relevant to the target group (Kids) & buyers (Mums & Grand Parents).



Raise product awareness for the new flavours. Attract the target group of buyers (Mums & Grand Parents) for first trial & consumption without losing the kids as main consumers.    



TV campaign was accompanied by promotional activation at the point-of-sale for launching the new flavours Berry Cooler and MAXX.


For strong brand recognition the Capri Sonnen Truck serves as a key visual for all communication measures TV, BTL, sales promotion, merchandising, trade communication. Activation at the POS with a sweepstakes and the raffle of many attractive prizes. Main prize was a trip to the film location.





Henkell Trocken Campaign



My role

please see description above (Capri Sun)


Regarding this production I was responsible for 

  • Insights: gain an understanding of the target audience and business that the advert is aimed at
  • Creative work: advice client on a new testimonial strategy to adress a younger target group and gain likes. Develop a creative advertising concept (multi-channel), ensure that the clients’ desired message and image is conveyed to consumers, produce storyboards to communicate ideas to the client
  • Productionresponsible for the overall visual aspects, determin production firm, photographers, producers, conduct the PPM, casting of actors
  • Budgeting: work within the budget and legal constraints



For over 150 years, the Henkell brand stands for sparkling joie de vivre and highest champagne enjoyment, with which one can celebrate the beautiful moments of life.

For many years, Schimanski, alias Götz George, acted as brand ambassador.  



Position Henkell Trocken’s sparkling wine as trendy drink to adress a younger generation, but without alienate loyal elder consumers.

Communication objective: combine the tradition and modernity.



The first big difference: Instead of focusing only on popping corks or the champagne glass-sipping, we show a party situation that would appeal to a younger generation, too. 

In addition, the female protagonist approaches the host without waiting on the edge of the dance floor, while in the background antiquated rules of the Knigge from the 1940s are recited.

Finally, the brand ambassador Götz George, was not longer used as testimonial.  


The new campaign was on aired at high-coverage TV channels such as RTL, Sat.1, VOX, Pro Seven or Cable One


An eye-catching POS campaign focuses consumer attention on Germany's leading export sparkling wine brand: Henkell. An exclusive gala dinner is being held in the impressive Marble Hall of our sparkling wine cellars in Wiesbaden. The attendees will be winners of a contest accompanied by a range of high-profile POS activities, major TV advertising, and PR.



Henkell was clearly perceived as a trendy drink based on figures from the VuMA, according to which Henkell Trocken and Fürst von Metternich are among the top 10 most popular sparkling wine brands in Germany.






My role

In my role as Director Brand Marketing & Communications at Hubert Burda Media, largest publishing house on the German market, I was, inter alia, responsible for the development of brand strategies and marketing communication for the consumer magazins FOCUS, TV SPIELFILM, FIT FOR FUN, FREE MAN’S WORLD, PLAYBOY, GRIP.


Regarding this production I was responsible for 

  • lead development of annual multi-channel marketing plan and communication measures (offline, online, events, PoS, PR, media) for B2C & B2B target groups
  • support my brand team in creating and executing an innovative advertising and brand campaign to achieve brand goals

  • Oversee agency brief: situation, task, insights, objective, core message/thought, budget, timing, deliverables, KPIs (tracking)

  • partner with cross-functional team (editorial department, sales, research) and agencies (creative, media) to drive the appropriate channel marketing mix

  • conduct contract negotiations (agency, copyrights, legal approval)
  • analyze the results of the campaign and drive improvements on social media channels



There is a weekly competition at the newspaper kiosk: which magazine has the best story. Sales figures are heavily dependent on the cover story while brand loyalty decreases more and more.



Development of a TVC concept to boost the sale of the news magazine FOCUS corresponding to the following claims: highlighting the decisive factors for a buyer's purchasing decision within 12'', short production time (Friday evening max. 1h, broadcast date Saturday - Monday) & low production costs.



Authentic film location at the editorial department. Editor-in-chief acting as brand ambassador accompanied by a changing team conveys up-to-dateness, modernity and freshness.



stable brand awareness during TVC flights

in average 9,8% higher sales figures with TVC 



The TVC was accompanied by print & online highlighting the benefits for the readers as consumers don't purchase product features they buy product benefits – What's in for me?

  • Advanced knowledge through in-depth background reports  
  • New perspectives & findings for options in taking action 
  • Impulses to initiate new things
  • Forward-looking approach for taking better decisions
  • Clarity due to understandable knowledge transfer
  • Reading pleasure and inspiration as source of contemplation




Mercure brand campaign



PR article in the trade magazine 'New Business': link

""Unsere Leser gehören zu den Machern in Deutschland. Focus bietet ihnen mit klarer Berichterstattung und dem Blick nach vorne einen relevanten Wissensvorsprung. Dieses Versprechen unterstreicht die weiterentwickelte Marken-Kampagne. Mit dem Hinweis 'Digital am Sonntag; Montag am Kiosk' bewirbt die Kampagne sowohl das digitale als auch das gedruckte Angebot des Nachrichtenmagazins."


My role

Please see description above (ibis & Novotel campaign)


Regarding this production I was responsible for

  • support my midscale team in creating and executing an innovative advertising and brand campaign to achieve brand goals

  • Oversee agency brief: situation, task, insights, objective, core message/thought, budget, timing, deliverables, KPIs (tracking)

  • partner with cross-functional team (HQs, media, research, PR) and agencies (creative, social, PR, media) to drive the appropriate channel marketing mix

  • I took the final decision on focusing on TV advertising supported by social creative, and promotions
  • conduct contract negotiations (agency, copyrights, legal approval)
  • oversee the pre-production call report
  • analyze the results of the campaign and drive improvements on social media channels



Mercure is positioned as a hotel brand that reflects the regional specificities and characteristics through the interior design, a local food & beverage offer and activities.

The new brand claim 'Experience the place. Discover Mercure.' puts the brand positioning in a nutshell.


Develop a brand campaign that encourages consumers to discover the diversity of the various hotels & locations as well as to respond tthe brand by sharing their own hotel experience with other travellers and commenting content posted by the hotel staff.



The heart of the campaign is a new digital magazine Discover Mercure .

It enables the potential guests / user e.g. to travels virtually to Hanover and experiences a stately hall from the 17th century in a 360-degree video. With the next click the traveller is able to enjoy the Mercure Sommelier wines in Cologne and a recipe for a Bavarian dish invites him to experience the regional customs in Munich. The digital magazine is published monthly and thus provides up-to-date local content around the hotel.



In order to raise the awareness for the digital magazine three TVCs were produced and on aired mainly as pre-rolls on YouTube at underground and train stations as well as on info-screens. The campaign was accompanied by a In addition a weather sponsoring and a range of online banners were displayed on digital new platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, advertising materials were positioned onsite at the hotels.



  • Brand Awareness
  • Message Recall
  • Consideration
  • Action like click-through-rate from pre-roles to landing page, increase of bookings during the campaign period


Ingeborg Bölitz